Retreat in a Box

Let Walcamp lead your next Youth Group Retreat!  Our Retreat in a Box is ideal for that weekend Youth Event.  This weekend retreat includes:

All above is included in one Price $135/Particpant
If planning a Youth Gathering Bonding Event Please let us know when booking and we will get you a discounted price!


This years theme is Life Rock and will compliment the National Youth Gathering theme for 2019!


Here is a Sample Schedule (Schedule can be modified to fit you needs)

Sample Retreat in a Box Schedule 

Day 1 (Friday)
6:00 pm    Arrive and get situated
7:00    Games or Icebreakers (Walcamp Led)
8:00     Campfire/S’mores (Walcamp Led)
9:00    Cabin Time (Self Led)
10:00    Lights Out

Day 2 (Saturday)
7:00 am    Rise and Shine
8:00    Breakfast
8:40    Morning Devotion (Walcamp Led)
9:00    Activity #1  (Walcamp Led)
10:30    Activity #2  (Walcamp Led)
12:00 pm    Lunch
12:30    Rest & Relaxation  (Self Led)
1:30    Activity #3 (Walcamp Led)
3:00    Snack break
    Option to buy souvenirs
3:30    Activity #4 (Walcamp Led)
5:00    Cabin time: (Self–led) 
5:30    Dinner
6:30    Evening Game (Walcamp Led)
    Eagle’s Eggs
7:30     Night Hike 
8:30    Campfire/Devotion (Walcamp Led)
9:30    Cabin Time (self Led)
10:00    Lights Out

Day 3 (Sunday)
7:00 am    Rise and Shine
8:00     Continental Breakfast
9:00    Closing Devotion (Walcamp Led)
10:00    Clean up, pack, etc. 
11:00    Load up and depart