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  October 2017  
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2017 Summer Camp Offering

Summer Camp Programs

Walcamp offers a variety of Summer Camp Adventures.
This year we have changed our Registration System, Please let us know if you like it!


Weekly June 12th-July 29th

A great value for your summer day care needs--
Canoe on a lake, hike in the woods, wade in a river, and still be home by dinner! It’s day camp at a real camp. Programming runs from 9am to 5:30 pm. Campers will enjoy lunch in our dining hall and will have the opportunity to purchase snacks at our camp store.

Ages 6-14
Cost-$175/Week ($35/Day)

Camp as it has been for the last 52 years! Enjoy a week exploring Walcamp and learning about the love of Jesus in a fun new way! Campers canoe, swim, hike,
play games, build craft projects, shoot archery, roast s’mores, and exploring God’s creation with old and new friends through Bible Study and fun.

Classic Camp Ages 9-17

June 11-June 16
June 18th-Jun23
June 25th, 2017-June30,2017

July 23rd-July 28th

Children’s Camp Ages 6-8
July 9th-July 14th


Excited about the fun at camp but not ready to stay a week?  These sessions offer the same activities as a full week of exploration camp, and are designed to make sure that everyone can enjoy camp, no matter their age.
Arrival is 6pm and pickup is 6pm

Discovery Camp Ages 6-8
June 25th-June 27th
June 27th-June 29th
Cost $200.00


Live it up like you’re nocturnal during this week of midnight madness! Sleep all day and stay out all night while you learn about the night life of animals, go behind the scenes at a late night restaurant, and learn about the stars and God’s creativity on an AWE-stronomy hike.

Ages 9-14
June 18th-June 23rd
July 9th-July 14th
Cost $480


Hold onto your hats because this week at Horse camp is a wild ride!  Spend time every day at Eagles Wings Equestrian Center in Kirkland, Illinois
getting to know your new trusty steed and learning how to ride like a champion.  Eagles Wings is a Christian Equestrian center where you learn about the roles horses play in God’s Word.
Ages 9-14
June 18th-June 23rd
June 25th-June 30th
July 23rd-July 28th
Cost $590

Hit the target during this week of archery lessons.  Discover what it takes to be a real Robin Hood while learning about the history and science of archery.  Special advanced equipment will be used as you spend time on the range everyday.
Ages 9-12
July 9th-July 14th
Cost $430

TIPI Village
Live in the outdoors like the Native Americans that lived in the area before we did!  Campers stay in the tee pees near the big field, cook meals over the fire and enjoy all activities that camp has to offer, especially archery, while experiencing Christian faith!
Ages 9-12
July 23rd-July 28th
Cost $430

Tree House Village 
Live sleepover style with friends, cook over a campfire, live a rustic more outdoors life but still have a cabin in the trees.  Campers grow in community and find skills they never knew they had in this week of exploration and discovery.  Allow God to transform you as you live and play in His amazing creation.
Ages 9-12
June 25th-June 30th
Cost $430


Survival Camp
Live in the wilderness and make your own shelter out of what God provides. Campers learn life skills, independence, team work, and experience a new adventure.  Leave technology behind and experience God in His amazing creation.
Ages 9-17
July 9th-July 14th
Cost $430


Paintball Camp
Get excited for a week of paintballing while learning about the
teamwork and strategy that foes into the game.  Spend time on each of Walcamp's paintball courses using the terrain to your advantage.  Equiptment and paint is provided. 
Ages 12-17
June 25th-June 30
July 23rd-July 28 
Cost $500




Our CIT pragram is designed to help 8th and 9th graders make the transistion from camper to Junoir Staff.  Participants will enjoy 1 weeks of spiritual and leadership training
filled with tips on working with the cabin groups, peers and staff, followed by a week attached to a cabin group just like a Junior Staff member
Ages 14-18
June 18th-June 30th
July 9th-July 21st
Cost $560





This year we have changed our Registration System, Please let us know if you like it!


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